Moving from Old Fashioned paper-world to
state of art digital repositories

Vision and Priorities

Fast-paced technology steps

In today’s fast-paced technology steps, Libraries, Museums and Governmental agencies, like many other sectors, are seizing the opportunity presented by the internet to shift services and collections online and this activity is at the forefront of the current strategy

The journey

The journey is full with challenges around sustainable technology, releasing the potential of the physical collections and driving efficiency and continuous process improvement.

local and regional network

We look to create a complete local and regional network so the physical collections have an on-road map to the cloud. And aspiring to build our technology platform to ensure we have a solid foundation for many years to come and that anticipates further growth and diversification; and pursue an outreach plan that gets Heritage and cultural resources more widely into the hands of the global public and next generations


Dar Al-Raqmana is your complete
digitization solution

Digitization is not a new concept. Yet, it doesn’t reach its potentials

Owners of special Collections, personal libraries, private archives and museum tend to not expose their content to any digitization entity, due to confidentiality reasons (sensitive document) or worries about delicate document transportation and handling. However, they can’t fight the craving of having their content preserved!

Our Endeavor will resolve that dilemma;

we’ll use state of art digitization equipment, secure the content exposure, eliminate documents transportation and bad handling and give the owner a fine digital repository platform with Browsing, Searching, and Long-term preservation capabilities. It’s obvious that Moving form old fashioned paper-work to state-of-art digital repository is trending. Either on personal or enterprise level, paper-work is becoming heritage.

Why To Choose Us ?

Dar Alraqmana brings a 15 years of the experience of it’s staff in the digitization, digital achieving, Audiovisual (AV) and Metadata services.

Dar Al-Raqmana is a Qatari company specialized in providing Digitization solution including but not limited to;

Digitization Man powering
Scanning and image processing Training
Optical character recognition solutions
I2S State of art scanners (Exclusive GCC Distributor)
I2s image processing, workflow and digital library software

Dar Al-Raqmana is the sole distributor in GCC for I2S Company. We have collected the best talents and expertise and built a very advanced technical team who is aware of every details and special case scenarios of digitization projects; our team is well versed in;

Collection Care: preservation is our dogma. We will handle each document with extra care. We know how to classify the document according to its binding, paper status, paper size, fumigation need, opening angle and many other factors.
Scanning and image processing Training
Imaging: We are able to take the correct decision regarding the Tools (Photoshop, ACDsee, ScanFix or ImageMagic) and Techniques (Image format, DPI, Compression technique, Bit depth or Bitonal/Colored)
Massive size digitization workflow
Achieving the maximum and the most accurate productions and rates.
Material Diversity (Books, Slides, Newspapers, Manuscripts, Maps, Audiovisual content)
Metadata experience: we look after all available descriptive metadata, access rights, technical metadata and identity information. Each metadata has its own standard and format. We’re able to classify and formulate and data source (Word, Excel, DB,..Etc.)and transform it to well-structured metadata format
Achieving the maximum and the most accurate productions and rates.Audiovisual Content Digitization and Post productions.

We do not stop at the image-capturing step, we exert every possible effort to extract all potential information form scanned document.

Extracting the textual content of images is a challenge especially for the Arabic text due to its character formation, connectivity and shapes. We devised a procedure and developed a knowledge base and machine learning system to achieve a high accuracy and productivity
OCRing will leverage the enterprise search, you can imagine searching inside every article, book and manuscripts and the impact of such search on student, researchers and public.
Some text enhancement processing using post processing applications may be required in order to increase the ability of learning accuracy. After some studies we able to classify Arabic Fonts into specific Font Libraries based on “Shapes, quality and size” which contains most of common shapes of Arabic characters that leads us to reach up to 99% accuracy of some Arabic texts.

DMoving toward Content, and preserving it!

Optical character recognition solutionsUtilization
We’ll maintain and preserve the old (Heritage, Forms, Special collection), Enhance them (High quality imaging, Text Extraction) and avail them (Copyright and access, Morphological search, Web2)

We secure and we imprint.

Our Team is on stand by waiting to accomplish your digitization needs, Just notify us. To get professional work.