What is our Vision ?

We are self-service data analytics software that lets you create visually appealing data visualizations and insightful dashboards in minutes.

Our Goal

Is to help in preserving and enriching the significant content, i.e. Heritage Maps, Books, Rare

Our Endeavor

Is to look after content! We’ll be creating a state-of-art and integrated digitization facility along


Digitization is not a new concept. Yet, it doesn’t reach its potentials. We take you from the current

Complete Solution

To provide you with a complete solution, we go beyond simple image capture to offer services for

Discover Our Solutions

Discover more of our solutions. Get prepared to explore more opportunities for your own business, take a decision and accomplish your organizational goals. .

Phase One Cameras

Phase One Industrial is a market leader in research, development and manufacturing of integrated medium format camera systems. More info at Tramadol overnight

  • Aerial Cameras : Offer exceptional accuracy and image quality.
  • Traditional Cameras : Designed perfectly for photographers by photographers experts.
  • Lenses : choose the best suitable lenses to perfect your work.
  • Rent Studio & cameras : Put boundaries behind you, and get the right place and equipments.
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We Take You More Steps Further. In addition to the Scanner products, We Provide multiple services for your benefit.

Digitization Services

Digitization services including high quality Imaging and Digital Image Processing exclusively to libraries, museums, personal collections, ministries and archives.

Arabic Text Recognition

Our calibers can analyze the text fonts and provide machine readable libraries, that elevate the Optical Character Recognition “OCR” to produce more than 99% guaranteed accuracy for modern text.

Quality Assurance

We do believe that the shortest way to the user satisfaction is the Quality. We incorporate 2 levels of QA : Page Level and Item Level.

Creating Digital Repositories

We Maintain the Original archival packages and Deployment packages

Digitization Workflow

We Maintain the Original archival packages and Deployment packages as well as Exact and Morphological search (stem or root based) for both Arabic and Latin text.

System Architecture

Manages the operators, machines, servers, integration with other platforms, editing , re-viewing and reporting.

Some References They Trust Us

We are Very proud to gain your trust. We share our capabilities for your benefit.