Arabic Text Recognition

We are expert enough to guarantee 99% Arabic and Latin text recognition accuracy.

Get the best Arabic OCR service ever

Arabic Text Recognition

Dar Al-Raqmana has the knowledge to get a highest level of OCR accuracy Arabic and Latin.

  • As well as, Latin text recognition; we are expert in handling the Arabic Text.

  • Our calibers can analyze the text fonts and provide machine readable libraries, that elevate the Optical Character Recognition “OCR” to produce more than 99% guaranteed accuracy for modern text.

  • Providing image on text for balk & white and Color docu- ments.

  • The output of OCR process will be fed to a powerful Arabic ori- ented search engine.

  • We handle the Stem of the ‎word to get more than ‎Exact result; e.g. search ‎with ‎خطابة and you’ll get hits like , ‎الخطابة‎ ‎للخطابة‎ , ‎بالخطاب

Quality Assurance

The best part in OCR services is making sure to provide the best quality of digitization and text recognition.

  • We do believe that the shortest way to the user satisfaction is the Quality.

  • Quality assurance is a key process in our workflow.

  • Incorporate in 2 levels QA; Page level and Item Level.

  • Page level: an operator will review each and every page and make sure it meets certain standards.

  • Item level: Ensure the whole quality of the images with the OCR output meets certain standards

Metadata & Digital Repositories

By creating original MARC records and Digital Repositories.