Camera Systems For Cultural Heritage

Cultural institutions have the staggering task of achieving perfection in the preservation of their collections

Phase One Cultural Heritage instant capture solutions for both flexible and high volume productions are well-suited for a broad range of Cultural Heritage applications. Learn about the XF and iXG Camera Systems below.

XF Camera System

For flexible studio digitization

The XF sets a new standard for a flexible platform equipped with everything that is needed for reproduction at the highest level. The XF Camera System uses a custom autofocus processor, allows for sequence photography, has a changeable digital back, and is compatible with the entire range of Schneider Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses. And the seamless combination of intuitive dial, key and touch screen interactions is designed with the goal of making controls simple.

Imaging Sensor Options

IQ3 50-100MP & IQ1 50-100MP

CMOS and CCD options available

Available Lenses

Schneider Kreuznach leaf shutter lens range (28 – 240mm)

Phase One focal plane lens range ( 28 – 150mm)Dynamic Range

up to 15 f-stops

Sensitivity (ISO)

50 – 12800 (51200 Achromatic)

Shutter Speed

1/4000s – 60 minutes

16 bit Opticolor+ Output

Available on most digital backs

Auto Focusing

Honeybee Autofocus (HAP-1)

Hyperfocal point focusing (lens-specific)

User Interface

OneTouch UI

Flash Trigger

Integrated Profoto wireless

Flash Sync Speed

Up to 1/1600s

Live View/ HDMI

1920×1080 25p/30p, 1280×720 50p/60p

Data Storage

CF card or tethered to Capture One CH, PRO and DB

Dimensions (mm)

152 x 135 x 160 (without lens)

Weight (g)

1390 (without lens)

iXG Camera System

For high volume digitization

The iXG delivers to the need for intelligent capture solutions built to process high volume digitization programs with speed and accuracy. The iXG Camera System is designed with ease of use in mind, reliability, flexibility and with phenomenally sharp imaging capabilities to ensure accurate recording of cultural artifacts. With industrial build quality, and using the most durable mechanical and electronic components available, the iXG is offered with a guarantee of one million actuations.

Imaging Sensor Options

iXG 50MP, 100MP and 100MP Achromatic

Lens Mount

Phase One iXG

Available Lenses

Schneider Kreuznach 72mm RS-iXG

Schneider Kreuznach 120mm RS-iXG

Shutter Type
Integrated Leaf Shutter (reliance shutter)

Shutter Speed
1/250s – 30s

Focus Positions
Close range to near infinity

Focus Control
Motorized & Encoded, controlled from software

Mechanical Mounts
Threaded holes at top & bottom with dedicated L-Bracket

Triggering Options
Hand release, host capture from software

Flash Output
Via Secured LEMO connector

Live View/ HDMI*
1920×1080 25p/30p, 1280×720 50p/60p

Data Storage
USB 3.0 Tethered to Capture One CH, PRO and DB

Dimensions (mm)
Focused to infinity: 150 x 120 x 100
Focused to close range: 180 x 120 x 100

Weight (g)
2300 (with 72mm lens and mounting bracket)

*Available at a later date

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