CopiBook Open System

CopiBook OS is the newborn model from CopiBook™ range. Keeping all the main features which made CopiBook™ range the worldwide reference of A2 fromat book scanners over the last decade, COPIBOOK OS comes up with an unequalled productivity, a brand new i2S matrix sensor camera, and it is driven by the new powerful software iterface LIMB CAPTURE. COPIBOOK OS inherits the versatility and modularity of the latest ESCAN OS by i2S.


What are the strengths of CopiBook™ OS over competitors?

Image Quality

400 x 400 dpi optical on A2, 7 lp/mm at 400 dpi 71 Mpixels EAGLE camera, depth of field > 5cm.


Scan time < 1 sec, Cycle time < 3 sec, fast focus, fast data transfer.


Same scanner for mass or self-service digitization.


Create your own modules to complete the solution and match your needs.


Simple interconnection to the outside (USB 3).


Made with recyclable materials; low energy consumption.

Large Format

Scanning area 560 x 400 mm (22″ x 15.7″).

Easy to use

Fully automatic calibration and intuitive interface.


Easy to assemble, dismantle and move.

Item Details

compliant with the ISO 19264 standard, Metamorfoze and Fadgi*** (300 dpi with EAGLE Camera) MTF at 300 dpi : 100% resolution efficiency (about 5.9lp/mm) with EAGLE camera MTF at 400 dpi: 85% resolution efficiency (>6.7lp/mm) with EAGLE camera depth of field : 9 cm (with EAGLE Camera)

scan time in color <1sec, cycle time in color <3 sec, productivity > 1000 p/h USB 3 connection: fast data transfer, the client can choose the computer images saved in hidden time

select only the needed modules, make your scanner evolve over time the book cradle is mobile, to obtain a larger scan zone

driven by LIMB CAPTURE interface software for a better user experience real time color preview before scanning intuitive front touchpad, automatic glass, foot switch

no moving parts and no mechanical shutter in the camera, fixed lighting self-balancing and motorized book cradle, pressure adjustment on glass plate