What are the strengths of CopiBook™ OS over competitors?

Image Quality

400 x 400 dpi optical on A2, 7 lp/mm at 400 dpi 71 Mpixels EAGLE camera, depth of field > 5cm.


Scan time < 1 sec, Cycle time < 3 sec, fast focus, fast data transfer.


Same scanner for mass or self-service digitization.


Create your own modules to complete the solution and match your needs.


Simple interconnection to the outside (USB 3).


Made with recyclable materials; low energy consumption.

Large Format

Scanning area 560 x 400 mm (22″ x 15.7″).

Easy to use

Fully automatic calibration and intuitive interface.


Easy to assemble, dismantle and move.

Image Quality

  • compliant with the ISO 19264 standard, Metamorfoze and Fadgi***
    (300 dpi with EAGLE Camera)
  •  MTF at 300 dpi : 100% resolution efficiency (about 5.9lp/mm) with EAGLE camera
  • MTF at 400 dpi: 85% resolution efficiency (>6.7lp/mm) with EAGLE camera
  • depth of field : 9 cm (with EAGLE Camera)


  • scan time in color <1sec,
  • cycle time in color <3 sec, productivity > 1000 p/h
  • USB 3 connection: fast data transfer, the client can choose the computer
  • images saved in hidden time


  • select only the needed modules, make your scanner evolve over time
  • the book cradle is mobile, to obtain a larger scan zone

Easy to Use

  • driven by LIMB CAPTURE interface software for a better user experience
  • real time color preview before scanning
  • intuitive front touchpad, automatic glass, foot switch


  • USB, Hard drive, LAN
  • FTP, E-mail, Printer, Cloud (WebDAV), Google Drive, Dropbox
    (self-service interface)


  • no moving parts and no mechanical shutter in the camera, fixed lighting
  • self-balancing and motorized book cradle, pressure adjustment on glass plate


  • automatic format detection before scanning
  • automatic calibration
  • scan launch when glass is down, self-opening glass after scanning


  • can be operated without glass plate, dedicated book support with
    V-shape accessory, non-dazzling LED lighting no UV, no IR, very low noise level