What are the strengths of CopiBook V-shape?

Image Quality

600 x 600 dpi optical on A2, 11 lp/mm at 600 dpi; two 71 Mpixels EAGLE cameras depth of field > 5 cm.


Scan time < 1 sec, Cycle time < 3 sec, fast focus, fast data transfer.

Lighting Control

No reflections between opposite pages.


Smooth glass edges, pressure sensors, hands presence detector.


Simple interconnection to the outside (USB 3).

Special Glass Plate Junction

Less than 2 mm loss in the gutter.


Also Available for up to 2 x A2 format at 400 x 400 dpi optical.

Semi Automatic

Motorized book cradle, glass moves automatically up and down, automatic book centering.

Easy to use

Fully automatic calibration and intuitive interface.


Easy to assemble, dismantle and move.

V-Shape Glass

  • adjustable glass pressure on books
  • v-glass polished with no cutting edge
  • motorized up and down to assist the operator’s work. It comes down on the book, exactly at the same position to insure constant focal distance to the cameras, and the scan is done automatically (autoscan). When the scan is done, the v-shape glass automatically moves away from the book for manual turning page.
  • only 2 mm (0.08 in.) thinckness going deep down in the books’ gutter
  • glass goes automaticaly up if it feels any obstacle

High Resolution i2S Cameras

  • 2 high resolution i2S cameras performing at the same time (1 scan = 2 pages)
  • up to 600 dpi optical on 2 x A3+ format

V-Shape Book Cardle

  • 120° opening for no glare on images
  • motorized vertical movement
  • auto-centered book holder (right/left movement) to accomodate any book thickness up to 15 cm (5.91 in.) and weight up to 20 kg (44lb.)

Led Lightings

  • 2 symmetrical LED lightings fixed at the back and at the front providing no shadows in the book’s binding
  • positioned for lighting up only the scanning area and no lights in the operators’ eyes