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Phase One 190MP Aerial Camera series is the latest Phase One innovation to offer large format metric camera functionality.

The iXU-RS1900 dual lens aerial camera is an advanced large format metric camera, with technology designed specifically for the toughest demands of aerial imaging projects.
Developed with leading experts and engineers in the field, the iXU-RS1900 offers exceptional imaging/ aerial coverage, high accuracy and image quality, presenting an excellent alternative to traditional large format cameras in diverse aerial mapping applications such as: remote sensing, precision agriculture, disaster management and monitoring.
The Phase One iXU-RS1900 is built with dual 90mm lenses for capturing RGB information. It is equipped with highly sensitive CMOS sensors enabling very short exposure time of up to 1/2000 sec. Each sensor provides an image with 8,708 pixel across flight and 11,608 pixel along flight, and the two stitched images form a large frame with 16,470 pixels across the flight line and 11,540 pixels along the flight line, providing a 190MP image.
• Large image coverage • Aerial survey productivity increased by 43% (versus 100MP platforms) • High stereoscopic accuracy due to large FOV along flight • Flight at higher speed due to highly sensitive CMOS sensors and very short exposure time • Large forward overlap for 3D City modeling and denseDSM due to high image capture rate • Small size and light weight enable the use of light aircraft for mapping.
The Phase One 190MP Aerial System is equipped with an Applanix’ POS AV system that enables direct georeferencing of aerial images. By integrating precision GNSS with inertial technology, POS AV enables precise determination of position and attitude, as well as the completion of geospatial projects in a more efficient and cost effective manner. *The Phase One 190MP Aerial System is also compatible with additional GNSS/IMU systems.
Controlled and operated with ease, TopoFlight flight management system integrated into the Phase One 190MP Aerial Camera System enables the planning, positioning and sensors’ management / triggering – reducing aerial survey operational costs and increasing productivity. **The Phase One 190MP Aerial System is also compatible with additional Flight Management systems.

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