Phase One Copy Stands & Accessories

Phase One RePro 2motion

Maximum flexibility for larger objects

The RSP 2Motion has an adjustable, motorized 100x80cm baseboard, allowing for greater flexibility and the use of different lenses when scanning larger objects. The baseboard can be fitted with a steel sheet plate up to DINA0 format for magnetic attachment of large drawings, maps, etc.

Phase One Film Capture Stage

The film capture stage provides an adjustable, geared support mechanism and is compatible with a range of carriers for glass plate negatives, and most popular film strip and sheet formats. It can be easily adjusted to position the object directly under the camera.

Phase One Film Carriers

The Phase One Film Carriers are designed to work with the Film Capture Stage, ensuring smooth handling and efficient workflow. Supported film formats: 35mm strips, 120mm strips, 9×12 cm, 13×18 cm, 18×24 cm, 4×5 in, 8×10 in and mounted 35mm slides.

Phase One Glass Plate Holders

The Phase One Glass Plate Holders are designed to work with the Film Capture Stage, ensuring smooth handling and efficient workflow. Supported glass plate formats: 9×12 cm, 13×18 cm, 18×24 cm, and 24×30 cm.

Digital Transitions Copy Stands

Phase One RSDmot – Motorized desktop model

For studios with limited space or specific needs, the Phase One RSDmot provides a compact and flexible solution, and is available with 2 different column lengths and base sizes. The RSD kit comes with the larger base plate.

Phase One RePro – Basic stability for digitization work

Held by many as the gold standard of copy stands, the Phase One RSP RePro Motorized Column is designed to carry a maximum of 15kg, and allows for accurate height adjustment with 2-speed remote control and self locking mechanism.

DT RGC180 Programmatic All-purpose Digitization Cradle

This capture system is used for digitization of books, maps and loose-document collections. The DT RGC180 is the optimum solution for the rapid capture of rare, bound and loose document collections.

DT BC100 Programmatic Book Cradle Solutions

The BC100 cradle is a dedicated book capture system designed for the mass digitization of books. The V-shaped anti-reflective glass plate and adjustable book cradle secures and holds a large variety of bound materials with pa

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