What are the strengths of SupraScan Quartz HD 2A0 over competitors?

High Image Quality

400 x 400 dpi on 2A0, Metamorfoze Light & FADGI 3* complaint at 300 dpi.


Scanning up to : 1800 mm x 1200 mm (70.8″ x 47.2″)


Free from UV and IR emissions, preservation of fragile and rare materials.


32 sec for a 2A0 scan at 400 x 400 dpi optical.


2A0 format sliding tray (pull & push), motorization of height adjustment (up & down), accessibility from 3 sides.


Relief detail enhancement, adjustable lighting angle, glare control.

Camera Quartz HD

  • The new CCD camera offers from 200 x 200 dpi optical resolution up to 800 x 800 dpi;
  • Resolution efficiency is up to 9 lp / mm at 600 x 600 dpi;
  • Images are compliant with FADGI (3* at 300 dpi) and Metamorfoze image quality guidelines;
  • Focus is motorized and automatic;
  • Scan time is less than 32s for an 2A0 scan at 400 x 400 dpi optical;
  • No image distortion: distance and angle between the camera and the document is fixed and the camera is always perpendicular to the document.

The lighting system

  • Very long life LED lightings. No UV and IR emission.
  • Relief and texture enhancement system.
  • Lighting below the operator’s eyes level.
  • Lights only switched on during the scan time.



The SupraScan Quartz HD 2A0 has the ability to digitize using only one lateral light (right or left). This exclusive feature allows you to enhance the relief of documents or objects and give a better value to your images.

SupraScan Quartz HD 2A0 overview


The SupraScan Quartz HD 2A0 offers an innovative feature that prevent glares even on highly reflective documents (glossy paper, plastic blister, oil paintings, Mylar, etc.) This is an exclusive hardware solution (lighting system and optical head) and not a software processing.

SupraScan Quartz HD 2A0 overview

Largest 2A0 format on the market

  • The SupraScan Quartz HD 2A0 offers you the largest scanning size on the market with a maximum scanning dimension of 1800 x 1200 mm (70.8” x 47.2”).